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Subject: [Leica] Cloud Cuckoo Land
From: doubs43 at (Walker Smith)
Date: Fri Oct 15 21:57:26 2004

>Marc- Yes America, Canada is your largest trading partner-- not Japan or 
>China. But as
>Canadians discover Americans know nothing about this side of the border. 
I know it's often butthole deep to Yao Ming in snow and that's ALL I 
need to know to keep me out. Oh, that and your anti-gun laws suck... BIG 
TIME! I also know that you have a problem keeping the French-speaking 
Canadians happy.

>911 terrorists were blamed on Canada even though they
>entered the US legally and were trained in Florida.
Canada has the most pourous immigration policies possible with the 
result that terrorists can easily enter and leave pretty much at will. 
It's a point of contention between our governments.

>You asked why the world hates America. Bin Laden, Saddam, Noreaga of Panama
>and others were all supported by the US until America turned on them. 
America "turned" on them? I'm sure none of THEM did anything to warrant 
our actions.... did they? I don't have the time to explain why each was 
deemed an enemy of the US but you can research it and enlighten 
yourself. That bunch are all Boy Scouts, they are.

>Iraq- most of the world has
>turned on you because of your decision to go to war and now you want them to
>take over. 
WRONG! France, Germany & Russia were upset over the loss of sales to 
Iraq - in violation of UN sanctions, BTW - and lost revenues. Now 
they're further pissed because they aren't being allowed to participate 
in the rebuilding of Iraq...... more lost revenue. I don't want them or 
the UN to get involved. But, that's just me. The Brits have demonstrated 
more than once who our real friends in Europe are. I don't care for the 
Labour Party but Tony Blair gets my vote for standing by us.

>As for your reference to World War 2, Canada was fighting along with Britain
>long before you guys showed up. I didn't see the US airforce in the Battle
>of Britain! 
How many American flyers risked losing their US Citizenship to fly for 
the "Eagle Squadron" before the US entered the war? Unpon reaching 
England in early 1942, my uncle's first assignment was detatched duty to 
fly reconn missions in British planes over occupied Europe. He was a 
P-38 pilot and was quickly qualified on the Mosquito or Spitfire...... 
possibly both. He had the wings to prove it too. He ended the war with a 
Silver Star, DFC and two Purple Hearts among many other decorations.

No one has belittled Canada's effort on behalf of the British Empire but 
don't pick a short period of time and try to belittle the US 
contribution to that war effort.

>More important, during the early years of WW2, German prisoners
>were brought to Canada and in on famous escape the moment he crossed into
>the US he was a free man!!! 
I remember cowardly US citizens crossing into Canada during Vietnam to 
escape the draft and have a better man take their place. You let them 
stay. Every last mother's son of them would still be there if I had my 
way with jail waiting for them if they dared to come back.

>As for the end of the war how many nazis ended
>up in the US? Have you heard of Werner von Braun?
Do YOU have ANY idea of the importance of German rocket scientists to 
the Space Program and National Defense? Those were vital programs to the 
defense of the Western Allies, especially Europe. Do you have any idea 
how little money Canada has been able to devote to their own military 
because of their proximity to the US? Try paying for your socialist 
programs AND a military capable of defending your country from an 
invader without US assistance.

>It is the attitude of do as I say but don't do as I do that you live by.
>This is what is turning the world against you.
See my previous comments.

>One final note, my friend and former teacher teacher returned from 2 weeks
>in Italy and talked about the graffiti every where they went-- f*** Bush!
I've heard that the Italians are an over-sexed bunch but I don't find 
the thought of having sex with GW very appealing. Maybe the Italians are 
turned on by a strong-willed man. Who knows? LOL

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