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Subject: [Leica] A Brief History of NFLD for John
From: timatherton at (Tim Atherton)
Date: Fri Oct 15 13:42:38 2004

> Just out of curiosity, is the act binding the provinces to the dominion
> irreversible?  We down here fought a war over that issue and lost, so I
> guess ours was a one-way street.

He hee - ask Quebec....!

It's a Confederation

It's complicated - but Quebec figures that if they hold a referendum on
seperation/soverignty and have a majority in favour, it will be possible for
them to find a way to separate from Canada.

It's been a little while since the last referendum (which the separatists
lost - barely) and all the technicalities were gone through endlessly in the
media at the time. I think it can be done with 7 out of 10 Provinces and the
Federal Government agreeing - or something like that.

I think as a last resort they figure they can also have a Unilateral
Declaration of Independence.

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