Archived posting to the Leica Users Group, 2004/10/04

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Subject: [Leica] Re: New Zeiss Ikon
From: gregj.lorenzo at (GREG LORENZO)
Date: Mon Oct 4 12:11:00 2004

B. D. Colen writes:

> Dear Greg,
> As a friend I wanted to warn you that some total asshole has hijacked
> your Email account and is posting in your name. Why do I say this:
No worries. It was me and I agree with myself completely! Besides the only 
instance I can recall on the LUG of someone posting to the LUG disquised as 
someone else is when YOU "B.D Colen" did so about a year back when someone 
else questioned some nonsense you wrote.

> Well I'm assuming that it's a safe bet that you've never used Nikon
> rangefinders. And we all know how strongly you feel that no one who
> hasn't at least used a particular piece of equipment should 
> comment on it.

Guess what I haven't! (in both cases).

> And we all doubt that you are a total hypocrite, so my conclusion
> that a total asshole has hijacked your Email account is the only 
> logical conclusion to be drawn from seeing you jump into this 
> thread to launch a personal attack against me.
Seems to me you must be rather impressed with yourself. You can even spell 

> After all, I have used an S3. (And at the time I did I would have 
> jumpedship from leica in a nano-second had I been able to afford 
> to do so - as some of my friends did. But alas, I was cash poor at the 
> time, and
> couldn't invest in a new system.)
What's holding you back now? I'm sure the NUG would be delighted to have 
some crack pot of an old foul mouthed fool post continuously on how every 
other OT camera system is better than theirs!

When you join the NUG don't forget to include several posts informing them 
that "your on drugs"!!

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