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Subject: [Leica] Develop and scan service (was Barnack, Barney. . .)
From: timatherton at (Tim Atherton)
Date: Fri Oct 1 17:38:30 2004

> > One more reason to support you're local photo finishing
> > professional.

BTW - talking of professional photo finishing I recently did a job for
Saturday Night (see inside this Saturdays National Post I think). As it was
a last minute rush job and the day before I was going on holiday I had to
send the film down to them unprocessed. They sent it to a top Toronto Pro
lab (one I actually recommended based on past work..)

Well, the lab processed the 4x5 Portra just fine. But 3 rolls of Provia 400F
(the Leica M stuff) they processed all as C41 film! Took quite a bit of
Photoshop work to try and rescue a shot that wasn't too grainy and weird to

So much for Pro labs (or may so much for Toronto...) Perhaps they just
hadn't seen any real film in such a long time - who knows


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