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Subject: [Leica] rigid summar
From: Thinkofcole at (
Date: Thu Sep 30 06:46:32 2004

For Dan Colucci -- sorry about the delay in answering you  question. 
   Lager's Vol. II of his Illustrated History of the Leica said,  regarding 
Summar hoods, that the  SOOMP hood was used with the Sumus, the  
non-rotating Summar lens. 
   As Lager related, the rigid, rotating, Summar [ called Sumar]  used the 
FIKUS hood, shown in two photos in his  book engraved  Hektor and Elmar [ 
5cm/9cm/13.5cm] and in one photo  engraved Hector and Summar. The Sumus, 
Lager said, 
used the rectangular-shaped  SOOMP hood, shown in black and made in Germany. 
   Lager also shows a number of photos over two pages of SOOMPS  made by E. 
Leitz New York in black and chrome in "many variations in style and  
of engraving.'' One photo shows a black NY SOOMP with military  packaging, 
others of Summar boxes, a leather case for the hood, a barndoor-type  
hood made by Schmidt-Tokyo, an Agfa system projection filter hood  and two 
photos of Agfa system filters in hoods for the Summar. 
   The Leica historian further notes that production of the  Summar began in 
1933 and ended in 1939 with the introduction of the 5cm/f2  Summitar. -- bob