Archived posting to the Leica Users Group, 2004/09/29

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Subject: [Leica] One day at the goosenecks of the San Juan
From: abridge at (Adam Bridge)
Date: Wed Sep 29 19:39:23 2004

So I'm on vacation in the south west. So's been great. We go
to Zion, Cedar Breaks, Bryce, North Rim of the Grand Canyon, Monument

But the strangest thing that happened involved going to the Gooseneck in 

Those of you who have followed the recommendations I got here on the
LUG will remember that this was a recommended location. The day was
fine with some clouds blowing in, some thunderstorms brewing.

We pull into the parking lot. Just as advertised the scene is RIGHT
THERE - open the car door, step out: be amazed. And I was amazed!
Because coming toward me was a man pointing at my R8. "Leica!" he
says. "Great camera." He has an M, I think an M5 that he was been
using with a wide-angle lens, I think a 22, with the little viewfinder
on top.

We chat. He's from Venice, here with two other men, both using Leicas
(an R7 and another earlier reflex.). He sees my 100 APO in my kit.
"Great lens," he says. "Check this one out," he walks to his van,
pulls out a lens he tells me is one of only 100 made by Leica. (I took
a picture of it.) Then one of the new APO zooms.

Oh! And he's a pal of Eriwin's! He has a new book out on church
interiors - but he didn't give me his name!

I did snap a picture of his group and I'll post it shortly, maybe when
I'm back home.

Anyway - it was an amazing experience and a small world.

Oh - we also saw FOUR California Condors in flight and then 3 of them
coming to roost in a tree.

My favorite places: Zion's eastern part, Cedar Breaks, Route 14 from
Cedar City - glowing aspens.

Most unexpected: the long alpine valley that runs into the entrance to
the north rim.

Marvelous: a storm blowing through Monument Valley.

Disappointing: Canyon de Chelley in the rain. (but I coldnt' feel
badly - the drought is so bad and the water is needed so desperately.)