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Subject: [Leica] Epson R - D1 User impressions
From: phong at (Phong)
Date: Wed Sep 29 03:41:44 2004

> Howard Cummer wrote:
> ...
> In sum, I think the R D1 is a keeper ? with some minor teething
> problems ? but in the end it is going to provide a very positive
> experience for Leica M users who want to try digital and not give up
> their Leica M lenses. It looks like it will be the only game in town
> for M users for a year or two and in that time I expect Epson will sell
> a train load of them.

Thank you very much for your post.  Your report and the few
images you posted really show the potential of the Epson R D1.
The low light shots in particular look very promising.
(I attribute the noise in the HK skyline at night to
backlit scattered pollution; the chair and the incense stick
lighting shots look  fairly noise free)

For several years now, I have been wanting a digital M
(whatever that means, but at least a digital camera with
a M lens mount).   I cannot wait for it to be available in
the US with adequate technical support.

It was not so long ago that talks of marrying digital with
the  M were shot down as pie-in-the-sky dreams,
don't-waste-our-time impossibilities on the LUG,
even from several vocal and prominent
LUG members, as I recall.   LUGer (former ?) Gregoire
Vandenschrick must feel at least partially vindicated.
As for Leica, well they may have been right about digital
being unable to deliver the quality of the M lenses, maybe
it was just PR talk to avoid investig in a risky digital
production line, but the R D1 sure looks "good enough",
and it is unclear how much better the future M will be.  In
the meantime, they sure are missing the boat.  Oh well.
At least, with R D1, some money will stay with M
rangefinder photography, from people who could have
abandonned it because they want to make photographs

Again, thank you for your most informative posts, now
and before.


- Phong

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