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Subject: [Leica] "The Death of Eddie Adams, The Death of War
From: bernard.degaute at (Bernard Degaute)
Date: Tue Sep 28 04:18:56 2004

>Yes, it was War Photographer, by Christian Frei. It is a stunning film,
>music by Manfred Eicher's ECM recording artists David Darling, Eleni
>Karaindrou, and others.
>People describe Nachtwey was 'cold,' but I find his demeanor very solemn,
>and I imagine it has to do with the kinds of things he has witnessed in his
>work. He discusses the relationship between people who are clearly aware of
>his presence--such as the mourning women in the segment about Kosovo--but
>is very respectful at all times. I found one of the most moving sections of
>the film the segment showing his photographing the family living next to
<railroad tracks, literally feet away, in Indonesia. The father of this
<family had slept too close to the tracks one night, and suffered an
>amputated arm and leg. Nachtwey's documentary work with this family was, I
>thought, compelling.

I wrote 'cold' but I agree 100% that 'cool' was more appropriated , as well
as terms as serenity, quietness, peacefulness or compassion. I also feel
from Nachtwey a lot of respect for his subjects.
OTOH I'm professionally daily confronted with human distress and pain but
I'm also an (amateur ;-)) photographer who admires war reporters  and
doesn't yet understand how it's possible to turn around
distressed people with a camera.


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