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Subject: [Leica] Blue Grouse
From: msmall at (Marc James Small)
Date: Mon Sep 27 22:13:30 2004
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At 04:15 PM 9/27/04 +0200, Didier Ludwig wrote:
>Swans can be quite aggressive. They can easily brake your arm with their 
>wings. When my dog was very young he's got heavily bashed by some swan moms 
>protecting their babies. He respected swans for the rest of his life.
>And once I met a weasel in the forest. It was defending it's nest (with 
>cubs inside probably), hissing at us and it did not move one inch away when 
>I and my dog came closer. Really brave... I took the dog away before he's 
>got a scratched nose...

There must be something amiss with my body odor but I seem to offend geese
and swans outrageoously.  When I was in law school at William and Mary in
Williamsburg, Virginia, I used to do a gentle bike ride down to the
Governor's Palace and walk alnng the large pond there.  And the male swans
would soon spot me and wold waddle up the bank and start attacking me, with
raised wings and making a honking noise.  It was hilarious -- their large
feet flapped on the pathway as would large rubber boots ad the honkigs were
just a spice on the occason.  Swans are not very motile on dry land and a
person with a club-foot can certainly outrun such.

Now, when I was three, I was jumped by a farm goose at a relative's home
and that was quite scary to me, albeit, at that age, I did not realize that
a swift clut in the head would ward them off.  In my terror, I did just
that thing, to the acclamation of the assembled adults.

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