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Subject: [Leica] Re: what should photokina bring?
From: rangefinder at (Didier Ludwig)
Date: Mon Sep 27 16:48:03 2004
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Adobe does not want to introduce another compression algorhythm, but a new 
camera independent RAW format.

I doubt if this will be successful, because RAW is, until now, something 
different on each digital camera, and I'm not shure if the manufacturers 
will change the kind of their sensor-to-chip datatransfer just for Adobe - 
this would be necessary if Adobe RAW should be the cameras native format. 
Otherwise the proprietary RAW data must be converted to Adobe RAW data - 
which costs time and makes the camera slower.

Though Adobe is very successful in marketing format standards (pdf), this 
photokina news does not sound like "35mm film format fits all SF cameras 
from the past 80 years" at all...


>interesting note in today's paper that Adobe is hoping to bring out a new
>standard of digital compression for digital cameras to replalce jpg files 
>and, it
>hopes, this will become the new standard for the industry and it wants to
>offer software for people so that computers can convert to the new 
>from 65 or so current cameras.
>And what does this tell us?
>That the current crop of digital cameras, from $5 thousand canon and nikon 
>the lowly p&s, are going to be obsolete junk in five years, unsuported by
>computer makers who tell old fogies using jpg systems to quit being such
>slaggards, get with the modern system, jpg stuff will be lumped in with 5 
>floppies and 8-track tapes.
>so they're trying to do to digital cameras what digital cameras did to film
>cameras but, ya know what? Film cameras still take lovely images that 
>cameras can only claim to match, at best.
>so what do I want from Photokina?
>Not a damn thing.
>c trentelman

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