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Subject: [Leica] Blue Grouse
From: Jim at (Jim Hemenway)
Date: Mon Sep 27 15:43:03 2004
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Hi Bill and Didier:

This swan propensity towards aggressiveness bit wasn't known to me 
before my little incident. I had moccasins on when he came at me and a 
light kick to his chest sent him away. If I had known that he could have 
broken my arm and/or made me drop the camera, then I may have run away 
instead. ;-)

We have a lot of them locally and they've never bothered me before.

I got pretty close to this one at a different time of year with no trouble.


bill harting wrote:
> My town (Plymouth MA) has swan (Warning: Aggressive Swan) signs around 
> the Eel River. I saw a swan attacking a parked car there one day, 
> hammering at the window.
> bill h

Didier Ludwig wrote:
> Swans can be quite aggressive. They can easily brake your arm with their 
> wings. When my dog was very young he's got heavily bashed by some swan 
> moms protecting their babies. He respected swans for the rest of his life.
> And once I met a weasel in the forest. It was defending it's nest (with 
> cubs inside probably), hissing at us and it did not move one inch away 
> when I and my dog came closer. Really brave... I took the dog away 
> before he's got a scratched nose...
> Didier

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