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Date: Mon Sep 27 07:34:09 2004


I belong to that group of strange people who find loading a Leica easier
than a conventional rear loader. I have the camera on the strap around
my neck, I flip it upside down so that the lens is against my body and
loading is very easy. I put the base in a trouser pocket while I'm
changing the film - If I'm using the Rapidgrip the base hangs in the
pocket. On the other hand I find the strap is always getting in the way
when I try to change films on a back loader.


Didier Ludwig <> wrote on 27.09.2004,
> Loading a SLR or VC Bessa in the dark might be more difficult because of 
> the slit, that's true. But loading in the dark doesn't happen very often 
> to me.
> My main complaint about loading a M is the fact you have to put the bottom 
> plate somewhere while you load the new roll, as I usually make notes on 
> the 
> rolls and need both hands free for that. Or you need to keep the plate in 
> your hand or under your arm or where ever, what I find uncomfortable.

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