Archived posting to the Leica Users Group, 2004/09/26

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Subject: [Leica] Re: wishes?
From: Summicron1 at (
Date: Sun Sep 26 21:25:55 2004

a camera with a simplified rangefinder -- no meter needles to watch, no 
multiple frames to remember and confuse, no other gizmos. Oh, well, parallex 
correction, of course, and a .85 view for increased rangefinder sensitivity.

pure control -- I buy a leica to know what I'm doing, not to have to 
the damn thing.

quiet, simple -- no autowinders to add weight and noise.

no batteries to go dead.

oh, wait, they already made that one -- my M3.

never mind.

c trentelman
In a message dated 9/26/04 9:25:52 PM, writes:

> Since we don't know what the week will bring, other than hoping some
> rumors
> are true, what would you like to see introduced this week? What are
> folks'
> top five wishy-list kinds of things?
> Any thoughts? This could be fun. Rememer fun?
> Kit