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Subject: [Leica] Leica donation to students
From: tedgrant at (Ted Grant)
Date: Sun Sep 26 11:36:03 2004
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B. D. Colen offered:
Subject: RE: [Leica] Leica donation to students

> There are always reasons why something won't work - the trick is
> finding reasons why something WILL work.<<<,,,

Hi B.D.,
Right on! Much as I love pointing out to people who say "No it can't be

I usually respond.... "NO" isn't an acceptable answer as there are only

It usually takes some folks by surprise because saying "NO" is the easiest
cop out in the world. It takes a wee bit more thought and time to find the
solution that quite often benefits far more folks than the "Nay sayers" want
to put the effort into finding the solution.

> I don't know about your students, but I have students who would sell
> their boyfriend/girlfriend to be able to own a Leica. <<<

How true. Similar here, I've had photo students who do know what a Leica is
and they'd almost kill to have one. Simply because they know the history and
seen the great photography accomplished when using them. Now we "elders" ;-)
know the truth about equipment, it's the person operating it that makes the
photo what it is and not the camera. These kids will eventually get the
message. :-) But they still want a Leica.

> You may be right that something like this kind of program, whatever it's
> configuration, won't work. But the sad reality is that if you're right,
> leica is dead. Because the only way Leica will survive as a meaningful
> brand is if it can hook the next generation of photographers; <<<<<<<<

There isn't any question, if Leica do not lock into the young photo students
of today with so many photography schools in the world, I don't imagine all
the Hermes bags and doo dads are going to keep them alive.  Particularly
when the digital world is evolving so rapidly. Neither will there be enough
"niche market" people or "collectors" surviving to keep them afloat.

But then we're mere mortals and what do we know compared to the brilliance
of Leica marketing strategists.;-)


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