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Subject: [Leica] Re: Ford & F1 Jaguar
From: DouglasMSharp at (Douglas M. Sharp)
Date: Fri Sep 24 10:39:26 2004
References: <>

Kit McChesney schrieb:

>My objection to the post was the insinuation that somehow the workers in the
>Portugal factory were substandard, or that the quality was substandard, or
>that other unsavory idea, that Leica might be farming out the work to
>Portugal because of some assumption that labor is less expensive there.
This is an old, old story. Although labour costs** (not necessarily 
wages) were much lower there it was the German factory that
screwed up with the first version of the R4/R4mot camera.
The first duff ones were Made in Germany, the following ones were 
assembled in Portugal using bad components  from Germany.
Unfortunately the defective R4 cameras coming out of Portugal gave the 
Familacao factory a bad name, and IIRR,
Leica didn't do much in their defence. Even going as far as exchanging 
the positions of the red roundel and the type designation
on the front  of the top deck to distinguish at a glance between 
Portugal and Germany (R5 cameras show this)
There are even people who will turn their noses up at Leitz/Leica Canada 
products. Sheer and utter stupidity!
Wetzlar(or Solms) can, and has, at times, produced sub-expectancy 
products too - they just don't talk about it.

**Germany is having difficulty competing on the world market due to the 
additional costs, over and above salary or wages,
    of employing  people in Germany. Social security, insurance, 50% 
contribution to health insurance, 13th months salary,
    unemployment  insurance  etc  etc. More and more German firms are 
planning the move to low cost or low tax/high subsidy sites abroad.

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