Archived posting to the Leica Users Group, 2004/09/20

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Subject: [Leica] selling used camera gear from Canada to USA
From: gregj.lorenzo at (GREG LORENZO)
Date: Mon Sep 20 21:11:42 2004

> If you ship it via UPS the recipient will be required to pay an
> extra (substantial) charge. I suggest avoiding them. I can't
> remember exactly what they call the charge, whether it is "duty" or
>  something else; but the declared contents will not avoid the
> charge. I have been maddened by this more than once.

> Boy, is this true. UPS kills you with additional charges. I've had the 
> same problem
> shipping to people in Ontario. For shipping across the US/Canada border, 
> use the US > Postal Service or Canada Post, as appropriate.

They charge for "brokerage" which of course is ridicuous as there is a Free 
Trade Agreement between Canada and the US. Even if there was no such 
agreement, camera equipment made anywhere in the world is only subject to 
the GST (Goods and Services Tax) coming into Canada and minimal duty into 
the US.

Avoid UPS like death, use Canada Post or US Post. A monkey could "broker" 
your goods better, faster and cheaper than UPS.