Archived posting to the Leica Users Group, 2004/09/20

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Subject: Digital M/Digital Rebel was Re: [Leica] Lost Faith in Leica
From: MCyclWritr at (
Date: Mon Sep 20 16:32:32 2004

>> writes:

I think they would be much better off designing a digital M from  scratch.
And frankly it doesn't have to look EXACTLY like the current M,  close
would be good enough.

>From scratch, yes. But, good gawd, talk about thinking inside a very  
defined, old-time box. I don't care if the digital M looks like a  one-liter 
bottle of Castrol 20W-50. If it uses my M lenses and produces  images as 
as my Digital Rebel (I won't hold it to my 20D's standards) I'm a  happy M 
Let's make it easy on the Solmsoidians. Encourage them to dip a toe. Take  
chance. Be more than they thought they could be. 
All together, now: "C'mon Fritz, you can do it!"
Ooops, that's the BMW motorcyclists' chant. Never mind. 
-Chris Lawson, pondering the excitement of trying get an oil  
container-shaped camera through airport  security