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Subject: [Leica] re: question of lens switching
From: Summicron1 at (
Date: Fri Sep 17 22:08:32 2004

hmmm. Did you say this was   a newer camera?

I ask because I get precisely the same thing on an old IIIC, but on none of 
the otheers (M2, M3) -- I think it has nothing to do with the lens being 
changed and more to do with light penetrating the shutter curtain while the 
lens is 
on the camera.

And ur saying, "Huh?" but, consider, the curtain is but cloth (sorry, there 
are no baffles to block the film) and cloth is not light tight, not really, 
even though this is rubberized. If the lens is on, and the lens cap is not, 
you hold the camera at your side so that the sun (which is very bright, is 
not) can go into the lens, then some of that very bright light is going to 
projected onto the shutter curtain, which is right in front of the film.

Any penetration will show the fog you see, or so I have surmised. Not sure 
why some curtains do it and others don't but I always assumed it was the 
III-C curtain just having thinned with age over the years. My Ms have newer 

Solution? Well, they DO tell you to always change lenses in dim light, or at 
least shield the camera with your body from the sun. Keep a lens cap on, 
especially with wider angle lenses.

dunno if leica has a better solution. You might give their service 
a call, send them the sample image.

charles trentelman
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> Wade Heninger wrote:
> > FYI, here is a scan of the neg with the leak in question.? It's the same 
> on
> > every frame where I switched a lens.
> >
> >
> >
> >