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Subject: [Leica] Collecting Leicas
From: tedgrant at (Ted Grant)
Date: Fri Sep 17 14:16:38 2004
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Nathan Wajsman said:
Subject: Re: [Leica] Collecting Leicas

> Nope. Every piece of photo equipment I own is used. If I find myself not
> using it, I flog it ruthlessly.<<<<<<<

Hi Nathan,
I agree. However, it's tantamount to selling an offspring when I attempt to
sell anything so I unfortunately can't. Of course it drives my wife crazy
particularly when I try to discuss anything "new Leica!" :-)

But I suppose some day I'll have a major sale and get rid of the whole dang
litter all in one shot. Although it's more likely someone else will do the
selling for fear I'd leave salty tears all over the place. :-)

> I collect single malts....but come to think of it, I always end up
> drinking them, so I guess I don't really collect anything.<<<<

WOW! Now I know I'm not alone collecting the best things in life! ;-) Single
malts, what better collection could one have. Well OK, collecting $100
dollar bills might be an interesting hobby. ;-) But then you couldn't drink
them in a moment of emotional crisis! :-) Like every other day! ;-)

But my collection at the moment is 48 bottles of various single malts, but
as my wife says.... "that's over kill!" I assure her it's merely a hobby
collection and if it weren't for the wonderful friends who visit and bring
something new to compliment those I purchase, I'd be collecting Leica's and
that would be a far more expensive hobby.....   She then quietly leaves! ;-)

The good part about this collection is........ "Each must be tasted at
sometime to assure the quality!" Oh and that part is, shall I say ..... "oh
so hard to do!"........ ;-) Particularly at times when it requires several
tastings to savour the delicacy of each. ;-) Dang that sounds like a pretty
good line! ;-) "delicacy of each." I have to remember that! ;-)

So I can attest to the fine quality of each due to several official tastings
held on various occasions. ;-) However, there's always a warning about the
tasting. If you do it too often, the dang bottles go dry and have to be
re-placed creating sometimes a costly outlay for replenishment. Then it
almost gets as bad as buying leica stuff. ;-) :-)


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