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Subject: [Leica] Nepal: gear
From: tedgrant at (Ted Grant)
Date: Thu Sep 16 21:26:26 2004
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Alastair asked:
Subject: [Leica] Nepal: gear

> Ok, I'm climbing to over 5500 meters, the air is thin and the UV must be
> high: now can I use (should I use) a UV filter?
> tips please on mountain photography:
> how wide an angle lens will I need?
> how much in the telephoto range would be useful?
> how can I keep the weight down? <<<<

Yer mad man, absolutely mad! Climbing? My whole concept of doing things like
getting to 5500 meters on a mountain is.... get in a helicopter~!!!!!!!!!

Heck let the heli do all the work getting up there, you get out nice and
fresh, shoot lots of pictures, get back in heli for the ride down. Meanwhile
cracking a fine bottle of champagne celebrating getting to 5500 meters
without killing yourself! :-)

Now that's the common sense method of climbing! Anything else is sheer

You sure you haven't been out in the Australian sun too much mate?


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