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Subject: [Leica] Re: Cumbrian lake
From: lowiemanuel at (Emanuel Lowi)
Date: Thu Sep 16 13:10:09 2004

Ted wrote:

>  "Why the hell didn't you use the National
> Geographic
> > red canoe and couple in brightly coloured outdoor
> clothing in the right
> > corner?" Then he'd wink.
> >
> > Seems back in those days everytime you saw this
> type of photo in Nat. Geo.
> > there was a red canoe and couple on the lake no
> matter where the shot was
> > taken. Red was always the dominant clothing colour
> or on the boat.
> >
> > We shooters started to carry a lot of "large size
> fit all folks" clothing
> > when on a shoot to add the, __ people outdoor
> having fun look.__ But after
> a
> > month shoot the same clothes and colours became a
> tad obvious when they
> kept
> > turning up in photos from one side of Canada to
> the other.:-)
> >
> > Good one Simon, but next time don't forget the red
> canoe and couple. ;-)
> > ted

Don't laugh -- back in 1993 I WAS the guy paddling the
red canoe & wearing the yellow raincoat in the far
corner of a Nat Geo photo showing a Canadian lake!
Yup, there were plenty of wardrobe changes involved in
that story, until word came back from D.C. to lose the
damn raincoat.

My tasks included charming a Catholic nun out of her
bright white habit and into something a little more
colourful, and also tossing bags of patates frites
into the air to give an ornithologist that "attacked
by a flock of Hitchcockian seagulls" look.

Emanuel Lowi

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