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Subject: [Leica] Re: contax guessing game...
From: DouglasMSharp at (Douglas M. Sharp)
Date: Thu Sep 16 08:56:49 2004
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Back to the Zeiss Puzzle.
I think this is what the question of colour cast is about.  A Kyocera 

Images with a fine array of gradations
The high-speed processor of the image processing system, RTUNE, consists 
of an analog front end and a digital processor. It first adjusts the RGB 
color balance of the analog data received in the CCD at the analog front 
end, and then converts it to a digital signal (A/D conversion).
The A/D conversion process provides 16-bit internal conversion of the 
data and sends it as 12-bit digital data to the next digital processor. 
The digital processor that receives the digital data produces the final 
image data and outputs it at high speed, creating low-noise digital 
data. By drastically reducing a wide range of noise generated in the 
digital images, it is possible to reproduce natural color and a fine 
array of gradations.
see also

As to what lens and camera is displayed, in conjunction with the above 
1) It must be digital
2) It's got a lever on it - frame changer ?
3) It's not leather covered
4) It's not an SLR

I thought  it might be an RD-1 disguised as a Rollei and with  the 
RTUNE  processor described above but this wouldn't
explain the lever ( the RD-1 ain't got one, neither has the Hassy XP nor 
the Contax G1 or 2). So who is producing a body
with this feature ? (excepting Leica).  Zeiss works with Kyocera 
(Contax/Yashica) ALPA, Hasselblad and Rollei - which of them is
brave enough, or on such a good financial footing, to bring out a 
classic digital rangefinder camera?

I'll go out on a limb and say Contax/Yashica Digital G with a Leica M 
lens  mount  (for the Rollei lenses they can't sell)And a full
frame sensor from the Contax N Digital, in order to recoup their losses 
on this flop.


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