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Subject: [Leica] The formal wdding photograph
From: tedgrant at (Ted Grant)
Date: Wed Sep 15 08:35:09 2004
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Jim Hemenway said:
Subject: Re: [Leica] The formal wedding photograph
> Do not view if you are a queasy sort of person.<<<<

Kenneth Frazier offered:
> Reminds me of some of the "fun" weddings I've done over the years!  :-)
> Oh, when I say "done," I mean as the clergy, not as a photog.  I've
> often watched wedding photographers hard at work and decided that they
> definitely had the harder job.  My hat's off to the folks who shoot
> weddings!<<<<<

Jeeeeeeeesh Ken, Padre?
Don't take yer hat off to them for doing weddings. Create a prayer, "for
they know not what they do!" ;-)

After all I just threw-up me lunch after looking at Jim's wedding picture
when warned not to! ;-) Horrible assignments, wedding photographer? Age a
man 20 years over night dealing with bride's mother and relatives. One
shouldn't do a wedding assignment unless their prepared to charge a minimum
of $5000. plus costs! :-) And certainly far more if they can get it.

Then there are wedding assignments which you find out later while you're
lying on the couch wishing you'd die if it weren't for the fine glass of
single malt scotch that's slowly resurrecting you back to life. That if you
had only have known how bad it was going to be, the wedding party wouldn't
have had enough money to pay you if they had keys to all the gold in Fort
Knox! And the Crown Jewels of the Queen of England to boot! :-)

Yep there are some that bad! Makes one weep just remembering. ;-)

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