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Subject: [Leica] Canon 135/3.5 lens
From: rangefinder at (Didier Ludwig)
Date: Wed Sep 15 08:33:30 2004
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I use this lens on a M6, can't tell for a IIIf.

-I agree with Douglas' opinion about this lens as a quite sharp performer 
with nice bokeh; though I didn't have this blueish haze on any picture - 
must be the coating, indeed.

-What I dislike a little is the fact, that the aperture ring is moving with 
the focus ring as soons as this one is turned, and contrariwise. This means 
you need to hold the focus ring with one hand when you move the aperture 
ring with the other hand (if you dont want to focus again after aperture 
setting); and you have to hold the camera body when you move the focus 
ring. Thats not very ergonomic and you need to get used to it. I don't know 
any other RF 3.5/135mm lenses, maybe they're all built like that (anyone 
can say more about that? Would be interesting).

-The Canon 135mm viewfinder is very small, has no framelines and is very 
unsharp on the edges. I use the russian turretfinder, which is much better.

But I would say if you use the lens only from time to time, why not buying 
it? You can resell it anytime for the same price you bought it. But dont 
pay much more than $100 for a EXC++ one.


>>Anybody had any experience with the Canon 135/3.5 LTM lens on a IIIf?
>>Ken Frazier
>I've had this lens for quite a while, I've used it on a IIIG, a Canon P
>and a Canon 7 and various CV - bodies.
>IMO, apart from it being extremely heavy, a decent, very sturdy
>construction with good coated glass. The iris (14 leaves) forms a 
>virtually perfect round
>aperture so your "bokeh" is pretty good too. The general impression on 
>film is of a very good ,
>but not excellent lens.
>OK I'm comparing it with the 135/2.8 Leica-M, which is really comparing
>apples with pears.
>I've only found one problem with it - if I'm shooting against the light
>the results tend to have a bluish haze. Maybe the coating is no longer
>what it was. There were a couple of variations to this lens, I have the 
>all chrome
>version (#53905), from the weight of it it must have been machined out
>of solid brass. BTW the blue haze is easily removed in PS

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