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Subject: [Leica] Heaven is...
From: mail at (Karen Nakamura)
Date: Mon Sep 13 00:49:00 2004
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>  a blacked out garage, a V35, a Nova processor and a huge backlog of
>unprinted negatives.  I had Radio 4 on and contrary to all received wisdom
>on darkroom safety, some Czech beer.

Never put your beverages in the same type of container as your 
darkroom chemicals!

When I was in college, it was considered tres cool to use laboratory 
beakers as cups and mugs. Actually, they do work well, they're 
impervious to heat, easy to clean, and when you see green things 
growing inside them, you know it's time to dump them out.

But never take a beaker full of cola into the darkroom with you!  :-)

For many, the Pepsi challenge is being able to differentiate between 
fixer and Pepsi in the milliseconds before the mixtures hits the back 
of your throat.


Karen Nakamura

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