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Subject: [Leica] Ipod viewer thing
From: mark at (Mark Rabiner)
Date: Sun Sep 12 19:09:11 2004

On 9/12/04 1:27 PM, "Bryan Caldwell" <> typed:

> I have a CF to FireWire reader, it's just easier to use and carry the
> PCMCIA adapter.
> Bryan

I think the battery issue on the Ipod is not a real biggie.
I'd just plug it into my cigarette lighter and make sure I had at least a
half tank of gas and the garage door open!

I'd do it in the hotel room. Plugged into the wall.
In a dark closet with a towel stuck in the crack in the bottom of the door!

"I'd like a room with a closet with an outlet please!"

First of all
1. I've got the thing. (the ipod, an old one though, the very first one as a
matter of fact.
2. the other thing is chump change to add on to it.
3. there's more memory in there than you can shake a stick at. Plenty room
left over for all the music you'd care to listen to flying to new Zealand
and back.
 I had to resend this thing as it went to Byron Caldwell himself by mistake.
How the heck would that have happened?

I've had my eye on this thing from Epson because I like the ideal of
viewing, editing and slide showing. (who needs printing?)

I'm sure they have or will have soon a thing where you just plug the thing
right into your Epson printer and have it proof your 50 exposure take from a
half gig card onto "C"  prints.
C prints?
A C print is a 17x22 sized inkjet print. That's a united states paper size
not to be confused with metric.
A super B is a 13x19

You can go back and print them better later.

Also along the same lines but for 400 bucks and a choice of sizes is that
company which we've all heard of " SmartDisk ".

SmartDisk FlashTrax, 20GB Stand-Alone Data Storage Unit

But I'm worried it will not support my precious NEF's.
Which need support
Or they sag.

Plays movies.??!

Mark Rabiner
Portland Oregon

Mark Rabiner
Portland Oregon

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