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Subject: [Leica] From Editor and Publisher: Reporters hasseled at RNC
From: MCyclWritr at (
Date: Thu Sep 9 08:56:59 2004

Racial profiler writes:

>>I'll go out on a limb here and suggest that perhaps he didn't look like 
your average RNC attendee.



I watched what little of the RNC convention the major networks dared 
broadcast between "Fear Factor" and other incisive, must-see programming. I 
noted the 
broad mix of races in the audience, not just a few brown faces strategically 
positioned behind the lecturn, the manipulative political art direction scam 
made popular during the Clinton administration.

Conversely, the people I saw protesting appeared to be overpriviledged, 
disenchanted white suburban offspooge trying to be important to somebody. Or 
least get laid. 

I know the territory. I WAS the territory in the late 1960s. I remember Paul 
Krassner (sp?), of "The Realist" stoking the fires of discontent in whitest 
Lawrence, Kansas, at the University of Kansas the winter before the 1968 
Democrat convention in Chicago. Back when I was trying be somebody. Or at 
least get 

"Don't confuse this with 'if you come to San Francisco be sure to wear some 
flowers in your hair.' Our theme is 'if you come to Chicago, be sure to wear 
helmet on your head.'" 

I summered in California that year. Where I remained a nobody. But the other 
part worked out okay. 

-Chris Lawson

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