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Subject: [Leica] The Ted Grant Discovery.
From: tedgrant at (Ted Grant)
Date: Wed Sep 8 19:51:20 2004
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Peter Dzwig asked:
Subject: Re: [Leica] The Ted Grant Discovery.

> This sounds kinda interesting; but would someone PLease state succinctly
> Ted's discovery is. I must confess that I got a bit confused by last
> discussion.
> BD?<<<<<<<<<<<

Hi Peter,
I'm not sure what I discovered, but Uncle B.D. gave  my experimental 2 stop
EV under exposing a Digilux 2 black and white camera setting, then levelling
back to normal in PhotoShop, that prints appeared not to have any "ugly

So that's what it's sort of about. ;-)

Now sir if you're a master user of digital and in particular, a Digilux 2,
it would be great if you will explain this situation, certainly for me,
surely for others also. As I've understood since beginning to play with a
digital camera the noise is the killer and it shows up heavy duty when
shooting in un-desirable light, when attempting to shoot available light
pictures. As we normally do with 1600-3200 film.

However, while trying something explained to me by Howard Cummer of Hong
Kong, when he explained using a 100 ISO setting, then underexposing it by 2
EV, it worked amazingly well as a pushed to 400 ISO yet maintaining quite
fine grain while shooting downtown Hong Kong in the evening lights.

So I've been quite pleasantly surprised by the Digilux 2 camera B&W
manipulation without noise while using 400 and an EV underexposure of 2
stops, making it an effective 1600 ISO. So far I've not experienced the
phenomenon of "ugly noise" effect under available light.

This appears to be so convoluted I'm sure you'll indeed have a hard time
trying to understand what the hell we're talking about. :-) However, there's
the discovery. :-)


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