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Subject: [Leica] R5 shutter
From: tedgrant at (Ted Grant)
Date: Wed Sep 8 07:29:32 2004
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Vincenzo Zappavigna  asked:
Subject: [Leica] R5 shutter

> Dear LUG members,
> I have recently had a problem with my leica R5. Setting the shutter speed
> at 1/2000 sometimes the shutter gets stuck, in other words the mirror
> to return to its initial position and the shutter to close. It seems to be
> a mechanical problem since by rocking the camera on my hand I can manage
> the mirror to release and the shutter to close. Curiously enough this
> happens only at 1/2000,  the remaining speeds are OK and according to the
> shots I recently took apparently accurate. Has anybody out there an
> explanation for this? How could I fix the problem ? maybe by lubricating
> the camera. Any hints on how this could be done properly?
>   Thanks a lot for your help and advice.<<<,,,

Send the camera to Leica for what sounds like a cleaning and adjustment.
That's the 1st simplest answer.

Other than the one I'd do if I were on assignment and there was only one
I'd set the camera to 1/2000 and give the camera, base plate down, a damn
good rap on the table! That usually fixes it or finishes it!

And knowing it only does this at 1/2000 ......... forget it and don't use
that shutter speed! Until you have time  ( and money) to send it in for
cleaning and adjustment!


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