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Subject: [Leica] Iiconic Names
From: buzz.hausner at (Buzz Hausner)
Date: Tue Sep 7 17:21:11 2004

Speaking of iconic shapes, how can we be sure, Emanuel, that you didn't
change the spelling of your name from Loewy?  Please see...

Has anyone ever seen Emanuel LOWI and Raymond LOEWY together?  Mere
coincidence or diabolical plot?  You be the judge.

For those in desperate need of on-topic content, Raymond Loewy designed
the Anscoflex, and the insanely maligned Purma Special.  Alas, no Loewy
appears to be associated with Leica before Brother Emanuel who refuses
to divulge what he is hiding by his name change.


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Sent: Tuesday, September 07, 2004 6:49 PM
Subject: [Leica] RE: iconic shape

The thing about true icons is that they defy age and
forever elude association with a particular moment.

An analogy. Fifty years from now, I'll bet no
red-blooded male will watch "Some Like It Hot" and
say,: "Man, that Marilyn Monroe, she was a real icon
of 1950s female beauty."

Marilyn will be deemed gorgeous a thousand years from
now, no matter what kind of world people live on.

For me, the Leica M design is the same. From the M2
on, the cameras are timelessly iconic for their (yes)
sexy perfection of form and function.

If Leica AG is able to make a digital M some day, I
sure hope they retain the size and contours of the
classic M, no matter what electronic guts it houses. 

Marilyn with a different brain would still be Marilyn.

Emanuel Lowi

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