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Subject: [Leica] Olympic photo positions.
From: tedgrant at (Ted Grant)
Date: Mon Sep 6 12:08:27 2004
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Didier Ludwig asked:
> Ted,
> Thanks for this very interesting points of view of a pro-photographer. I'm
> just an amateur rangefinder freak, I process my rolls myself and my little
> digicam is never used. I'm not sure if I would be happy to do a job like
> that... I love making photos but as it's my hobby I do it without any

Hi Didier,
Well the stress is only as bad as you let it become. It's usually created by
improperly trained "photo marshals" for the photo positions and over zealous
officials who couldn't organize a high school field hockey game.

But for those of us who've worked on many Games we just do our thing and
shoot the best we can under the conditions we operate under. It works like
this... Those who know, do it!" Those who don't "whine!"

> I remarked these guys at the Olympics all have Canon Digi-SLR's. Why?
> Because they're lighter than the Nikons, or cheaper, or better? I learned
> in the seventies that Nikon is the king of SLR and I never changed this
> opinion since,...<<<<<<<<

That's a complicated question as there are many factors involved for a
perfect answer. However here's a couple for thought.

Part of the reason for the change was Canon went after the pro market like a
storm and left Nikon in the aftermath. Nikon backed off on their Pro-service
aspect and left the door open for Canon to walk right in and take over. And
Canon did just that and are still doing it. Nikon are still trying to
pick-up the pieces.

There are differences on the digital side I can't answer having not worked
digital Canon nor Nikon gear.

But most of the pro's I know all use Canon digital and as far as they're
concerned it's the "BEST!" This of course opens a major opening for
disagreement, but I'm merely repeating what I've been told by many Canon
users who switched from Nikon to Canon. And these are guys with more than a
few years experience in shooting for the wire services on assignment about
the world.


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