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Subject: [Leica] B&W film
From: dorysrus at (Don Dory)
Date: Sun Sep 5 19:56:24 2004

I don't think that anybody who cares to shoot B&W will have anything to
worry about over the course of a decade to a century.  In a world wide
market of 6 billion people it does not take but a miniscule minority to
make a market big enough to allow a small company to make money.

People still paint in oils and individuals still choose to have
themselves and family members painted in oil.

Horses are still widely available as are buggy whips.

Stone masons are still available to carve gargoyles for your mansion.

People still tune in to short wave radio.

As to corporations right sizing, corporations have tremendous overhead
and tend to seek huge volumes and rather large profit margins.  Smaller
companies can succeed with rather small numbers and relatively small
margins.  Tom and his rapid winders is one example of a small enterprise
filling a void that larger companies have stayed away from.

As the larger companies decide that being number three in a market is
not profitable enough, they tend to sell production equipment to a group
that sees possibilities in a smaller operation.  At PMA I talked with a
now ex-Kodak executive that was taking over their archival CD and DVD
business.  At Kodak he had researched what was necessary to make a
CD/DVD last and had set up the business for Kodak.  The corporation was
not interested so he is working on developing that business for himself.



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