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Subject: [Leica] Leica Digilux 2 @ 1600 :-)
From: tedgrant at (Ted Grant)
Date: Sun Sep 5 07:13:22 2004
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Daniel Ridings offered:
Subject: Re: [Leica] Leica Digilux 2 @ 1600 :-)

ted asked:
> > So any of you other folks out there with Leica digital camera's try this
> > if so, how well did it work for you?

Daniel responded:
> It works well with almost all digital cameras ... when the alternative is
> not to take a shot.
> Nikon even gives you a setting for it. Nikon D100 has ISO 200 - 1600 and
> then it goes over to HI-1 and HI-2, which is basically ISO 1600 with -1
> and -2 EV preset. Those who have a D70 without the HI-1 and HI-2 can just
> set it by hand and get the same results.
> I use this method all the times for sports (ice skating).<<<<<<<

Thanks Daniel, I haven't seen anyone bring this up in the past, but
obviously it works so why haven't others thought of doing it or at least
trying to see how it works? Or maybe they did and it was a dismal failure in
their eyes. However, when I made 11.7X16.5 prints yesterday I'd shot in the
B&W mode I was quite pleasantly surprised when I saw the positive results.

Then I pulled a couple of negs from "Women  in Medicine" shot under similar
lighting conditions on Tri-x at 800, scanned them into computer and by golly
they matched so closely it was hard to tell which was shot on which camera,
film M7 or Digilux 2 set at 400 under-exposed 2 stops to theoretically
become 1600. Maybe it's just me being lucky or something, but I feel this
method of under-exposing and levelling etc in PhotoShop is certainly worth
looking into some more.

I think this is an interesting Leica topic certainly for those using Leica
Digilux 1&2 users as well as the Japanese versions. At least it's taking
pictures and learning something that maybe useful when caught in a low light

As I just thought of it.... "Sonny have you played with this at all?"

So any others out there having a shot at this? And what's your results look


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