Archived posting to the Leica Users Group, 2004/08/26

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Subject: [Leica] Kyle posts provocative new work in a futile attempt t o stop the innane riefenstahl nonsense!
From: KCassidy at (Kyle Cassidy)
Date: Thu Aug 26 11:56:06 2004

>Adam Bridge Sed:

>I find the lighting and "every day" aspect, especially the setup in the
>living room in front of the fireplace, to add to the unsettling nature of
the images.

>To me they don't connect very well - I look and move on - for the most
>But 10.jpg does connect, although in a sort of horrific way. I found myself

>thinking "But what if they had these in Iraq! Think of the fine uses they 
>could have been put to instead of make-do!" and then right after that: "How

>many of these things are used with people who aren't, necessarily,

You don't need to spend $1200 on specialized furniture to make someone talk,
all you need is a hammer.

>b4.jpg is well executed but so distant in terms of the people involved 
>that I'm simply unable to connect. 

I think that's my problem. I'm not ecstatic about any of them. I think it's
the lighting really. I'm wondering if all I'm doing is duplicating what's
been done before and not adding anything to it. Maybe this will pan out over
the next few months if I keep at it, maybe it'll just never work and I'll
end up dropping it like the cutter project I wasted so much time on a few
years ago.

The thing is, I realize that this can be beaten (no pun intended), and if I
stick with it, I can do something good. The question is the light ... The
light ... The light.....

Where's my light?

Thanks for your honest criticism,