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Subject: [Leica] Shakleton Photos Faked
From: doubs43 at (Walker Smith)
Date: Sun Aug 22 10:14:25 2004

>At the same time, one has to remember, too, that the standards for "truth"
>in image-making, esp regarding "photojournalism," were not exactly all that
>well-established in 1914.
IMO, Brady & Associates, Cook and others established a pretty high 
standard in photographic "truth" during the late 1861 - 1865 
unpleasantness in America. Perhaps the rest of the world took a little 
longer to catch up.

Seriously, I don't think editors and journalists of that time considered 
"dramatizing" an event to be dishonest. It merely added interest for the 
readers. Adding dark, threatening clouds to an image for effect doesn't 
alter the fact that the event pictured actually took place. Mind you, I 
don't advocate such shenanagans but I also understand why they would be 

I'm sure the ethics of such manipulation can - and will - be argued 


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