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Subject: [Leica] Conformity in Athens
From: tedgrant at (Ted Grant)
Date: Thu Aug 19 16:28:42 2004
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Brian Reid wrote:
> > Am I right in assuming that those are all Canon FL lenses, mostly the
600 f/5.6 but an occasional 500 f/5.6 Fluorite?
> >
> > Nobody is copying anybody there. They're all trying to get the

Feli di Giorgio responded::
Subject: Re: [Leica] Conformity in Athens

 > But they are still all going to end up with almost the same pictures...
> Again I doubt it's by choice. They probably all get herded in to the
> same pen- eh area. From that distance you are toast with anything but
> a 600mm....Hey, look! Is that guy all the way in the back using a

Hi Feli,
Yeah "pen" is a fitting description or like sardines in a can! You do not
have any choice, other than a designated photo position be it good, bad,
ugly or the worse hell hole you can imagine to shoot from.

>>> But they are still all going to end up with almost the same

They might have a similar image size all using the same focal length, but
the difference is determined by experience of shooting the event, knowing it
better than the back of your hand to be able to anticipate the action or
where the peak action is.

If all these guys shot at the same moment....... an almost impossibility,
there'd still be one shot better than all the rest. Why? The photogs
re-action to the action! If people think the athletes are quick, hell a
photog has to be faster because you have to be almost leaning on the shutter
release before it happens! And that my friends is a milli-second of time to
be successful.

Besides many of these guys don't own the lenses you see because they're on
loan from Canon and it's probably the first time the shooter has had it in
his hands. ERGO: he doesn't have a clue how to make it work, comfort in hand
or the size of image he's looking at through the view finder.

It's like, "WOW! Man am I ever close with this lens!"  And the athlete
executes a 100% perfect performance while dumb ass is thinking he's got a
big image! True as I'm typing this!

All the same? Never mon ami! ;-)


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