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Subject: [Leica] HCB
From: mark at (Mark Rabiner)
Date: Fri Aug 6 17:06:57 2004

On 8/6/04 2:42 PM, "Jesse Hellman" <> typed:

> Do you think they have already had it designed? Isn't that the MP? All
> it needs is special script and a special price.
> Jesse
> Brian Reid wrote:
>>> Any bets Leica comes out with an HCB "Memorial Camera" limited to a
>>> production of 95?
>>> A rebadged Leica O?
With a 50mm lens soldered to it.
But which one?
The new new could not be very HCBlike with ASPH elements and the whole bit.
The Summicron sounds like the closest.
Or they can get permission to use a Zeiss formula.
Ha ha ha ha ha ha.
He didn't just always use the Zeiss 50 he must have half the other times use
a Leitz. Fifty fifty chance.
I don't think collapsibles were very HCBlike.
I'd come out with a fast f2 Summicron with the old outer casesing like they
did with that other lens. Which was a 50 was it not? Maybe that lens.
But weld it right on the body.
To encourage a much more HCB like look.
These people who try to rip off HCB with a 35 are out of their minds.

You need a formal fifty.
To ripoff HCB.
A 28 on a Nikon FE-2 won't do the trick.
As plain as you can see.

I say this from my own and most everyone I knows experience.

It takes real concentration to shoot with a 50. Any old person can shoot
with a wide. You get it all in focus. What the hell. But the "formal"
feeling goes right out the window!
Or falls right into the mud puddle!

And that "formal" thing is what HCB is all about. A lot of it.

Mark Rabiner
Portland Oregon

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