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Subject: [Leica] Feel Lucky, Punk?: Expired Fuji Film FS
From: msmall at (Marc James Small)
Date: Sat Jul 31 18:21:13 2004
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At 06:01 PM 7/30/04 -0500, Jeffery Smith wrote:
>Ah, truth in advertising, but it could hurt sales. You're voting for
>Nader? ;-)
>>This rubbish will never pollute any of MY cameras!


Unlike Ralph Nader, I AM honest.  I will vote Libertarian, as I generally
do when my vote can be a safe protest vote.  If Virginia seems a posible
Kerry victory (quite unlikely at this point), I will vote for Bush, of
course, merely to save the nation.

John Scary scares me.  He is proof that a rich background can propel even a
dishonest and incompetent moron into public notice, while Bush's saga only
proves that anyone can be President.  For the youngsters on the List, the
old saw was that "Franklin Roosevelt proved that you could be President
forever, Truman proved that anyone could be President, and Eisenhower
proved that you don't actually need a President." From my anarchist stance,
I will state that, yes, this nation needs a completely non-interventionist
President but we've not been blessed with such since that finest of US
Presidents, Calvin Coolidge, who knew what the office required and did
exactly that much and no more -- Coolidge went fly-fishing in South Dakota
every summer of his Presidency, taking off six weeks to live in a cabin in
the back of the beyond.  He took his family and his Secretary of State and
his family along.  Once a week they rode a Model T over rough trails for
about six hours to the nearest telegraph office, where they would spend
several hours handling federal business, and would then return to their

Now that is an executive with a fine handle on the requirements of his
position.  We have not had his like since then, to the detriment of our


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