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Subject: [Leica] LF labs in Victoria BC
From: george at (George Lottermoser)
Date: Mon Jul 19 16:39:09 2004

Tina Manley7/19/04

>Or do it yourself!  I've never trusted anybody else with my developing and 
>printing.  If you set up a lab to do it yourself it may take a little more 
>equipment and a little more time, but you will know more about your photos 
>and how to process them than anyone else.  Of course, now you could just 
>learn Photoshop and scanning ;-)

I've alread moved 90% of all color work to my own scanning and inkjet 
printing. However this client wants the particular quality of optical prints 
from 4x5 negatives. And their certainly is a "particular" quality to each 
process. There's no way that I could stock all the different papers and 
chemistries do my own work for each and every request. Even if I could 
afford the inventory (which I can't) the client couldn't cover the cost of 
the waste. I need 4 prints. This shouldn't be tough in a greater-metro area 
of almost a million folks. For twenty years I was able to walk into one 
professional lab and have a discussion with "my" printer; who knew my 
language and cared about my business. And that is the way it was with "my" 
typographers, "my" color separators, and "my" strippers. It all worked to 
the highest standards of quality and loyalty. No more. That work flow has 
evaporated as those crafts people disappeared and were replaced with 
underpaid kids or burned out folks waiting for retirement.

I've already got a complete B&W darkroom from 35 - 8x10.
I've got 3 scanners, a 3000 and 2200 inkjet printer.

I'm not about to install Llamda equipment, Jobos, Wide format inkjet, 
Laminators, and on and on - I couldn't afford the square footage to house 
all the s**t I'm not a lab - I'm a photographer, graphic designer and 

Fond regards,

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