Archived posting to the Leica Users Group, 2004/07/16

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Subject: [Leica] for sale
From: ianstanley at (Ian)
Date: Fri Jul 16 09:18:42 2004

Greetings all,

I?m back in Canada for a short while so thought this would be as good a time
as any to put the following items up for sale.? As much as I like my Leicas,
failing eyesight just seems to make it more difficult to focus accurately
these days.? The Leicas are just not getting used and it is a shame to see
them sitting in the storage cabinet.? The M6, M4-P, 90mm and 50mm were all
gone over by Gerry Smith of Kinderman last year and have only had a few
rolls of film through them since.? I bought the M4-P and the 50mm used and
the M6 & 90mm new.? The Pentax spot meter was bought as a spare when I was
still living in Nepal and has seen very little use.? The M4-P & 50mm have
been on Mount Everest ? doesn?t add any value to the camera at all but it
does make for some good stories!

Satisfaction guaranteed on all items and I can ship from Canada, USA or
Thailand.? Personal delivery is also possible in Vancouver, Seattle and
Bangkok.? All prices are in USD, shipping extra.? I?m not really up to date
on prices so let me know if I?m way to high and we can dicker.? Also please
feel free to let me know if I?m not asking enough and you would like to pay
more.? Photos on request.


Leica M6HM 0.85 #2414849??????? $1,600.00

- small rub mark on top near frame counter
- small mark on rewind lever
- small rub marks on base plate
- 2003/01/30 partial disassembly, adjust high speeds & rangefinder, check
all functions
- Comes with all boxes, instruction book, original warranty, strap and soft

Leica M4-P #1622223???? $800.00
- rub marks from strap
- rub marks on rewind
- rub marks on eye piece
- some paint off of rear film door
- 2003/01/30 general cleaning & lubrication, all functions adjusted to
factory specs
- Comes with original box, strap, instruction book, warranty card and soft

Leica 90mm Elmarit-M 1:2.8?????? $700.00
- some very small marks on barrel
- glass perfect
- 2003/01/30 clean & lub focus mount, check collimation & clean
- Includes, box, leather pouch, etc.

Leica 50mm Summilux 1:1.4?????? $500.00
- small rub marks on body
- rub marks from lens hood
- glass is perfect
- includes lens hood (small ding)
- 2003/01/30 clean & lub, eliminate excessive play in helicoids ? best
possible, reset collimation

Leica 35mm Summaron 1:3.5 #1563914
- with goggles, Leica front cap & lens hood
- no dings
- glass is good

Leica M-Grip????? $50.00
- small bend in lip
- includes box
- black

Pentax digital spot meter
- Zone VI modification with Zone dial
- Missing one screw from front ring
- Small marks on front ring
- Includes all boxes, strap and instruction book

Billingham Alice Bag????? $100.00
- new this spring
- no marks, scuffs or damage
- black