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Subject: [Leica] new M lens?
From: mark at (Mark Rabiner)
Date: Tue Jul 13 22:18:17 2004

On 7/12/04 9:07 AM, "Rei Shinozuka" <> typed:

> maybe it's an echo from a relatively recent LHSA article about
> an (old) prototype 2.4 (or some strange aperture) 75.
> however, the idea of replacing the 75 lux itself does not not seem
> entirely far-fetched.  aside from the even older noctilux (1976),
> the 75 lux (1980) is now the most "mature" lens left in the line.
> i believe it was among the last lenses Mandler designed, and as Puts
> puts it, the last of the designs of the "classical period."
> -rei
Well what I've been thinking lately is that the Noctilux was on the outset a
whole ASPH thing.. 
Two Two Two asph's in one yet.
But they didn?t have a handle on ASPH manufacture then like they do now. And
a bigger issue may also be computer assisted design and coatings and new

Another run at the Noctilux would not surprise me. It's not like purely non
Asph non is set in stone now. It had gone though I think two other
reincarnations (glass wise) before becoming It's big bad present self.

While a 1.4 50 may be the crown jewel of our lens line now and a 1.4 50 the
"main" lens of any lens line in the Leica M line the 50 f1 is it's pie in
the sky.
Come out with a smaller lighter sharper version and know Canon on it's but
and all the rest.
One in which the outer element is concave! Yea that's the ticket!
Big dish lenses!

Mark Rabiner
Portland Oregon

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