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Subject: [Leica] Re: Why a digital M
From: fmaturana at (Felix Lopez de Maturana)
Date: Tue Jul 13 08:39:23 2004
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>Because they're there! Watch people using digital cameras. Observe the
>thing they do when they've pressed the button. They look at the monitor. I
>they don't have to - as you rightly say they could look at it later - but
>don't. Worse, they often show the monitor to their subject or the friend
>with them! This may be of benefit to fashion / portrait photographers, but
>me it would get in the way of the picture-taking experience.

 But this is not always true! Most of shoots you are confident in your skill
and have no time for checking framing and metering and in other cases,mainly
when you find a rather tricky light condition, you shoot several pictures
just to be sure you got it. I rather think that the main difference and time
consuming behaviour is the previous checking the camera is ready at your
wish, I mean size of the image, RAW or not, metering system, drive system,
AF or not, colour management including colour temperature and so on. Most of
professional DSRL have so many features that you must be carefully
"before"starting the work unless serious mistakes may be produced.But on the
other hand you can face any subject with confidence,

And even then when working in RAW there are so many errors that can be
corrected with the software that the mistake must be a big one to produce
unusable pics! I do not check in the LCD more than a 10% of my shoots but
the postproduction at the computer is really hard. Nevertheless my daughter
takes hundreds of pictures of my granddaughter and uses 100% the LCD, She
has no optical finder!



PS Things were easier with my Ms. Set diaphragm, set speed, focus, frame and
shoot! But having abandoned the darkroom I depended from others!