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Subject: [Leica] Why a digital M
From: SonC at (
Date: Tue Jul 13 08:20:36 2004

Bob,  Because some adapters solve problems elegantly, it doesn't mean  all 
adaptors are elegant solutions. 
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So  Graphlex's rollfilm adapters weren't as good as a roll fill camera.
That  means that no adapter is any good?  When Leica brought out the  bayonet
lens camera they also brought out adapters to use the screwmount  lenses on
the new bayonet camera.   The old lenses worked  perfectly with the adapter
on the new camera.   And still  do.   No loss of function.   No
inconvenience.   Minimal expense.  I would conclude from that that adapters
can be the  ideal bridge between two technologies.


> There's an  obvious analogy to all this:
> Several decades ago it became  apparent that the old sheet film Graphics
> becoming obsolete,  as photographers gravitated toward rollfilm cameras
> as  Rolleiflex and the Kodak Medalist.  To meet the demands of a  changing
> market, the Graphic folks introduce a rollfilm  adaptor.
> Anyone else on this list ever use the Graphic  rollfilm adaptor?  Yeah, it
> did work, sure wasn't a  Rolleiflex.
> Most photographers opted for cameras that were  specifically designed for
> rollfilm.  Graphic eventually did  produce rollfilm cameras (and a 35 or
> two), but these paled in  comparison with the competition.
> An adaptor to a Leica will  still be an adaptor.
> Jim Shulman
> Bryn Mawr,  PA
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> Reasonable? Switch sensors at "nominal cost?" Come on guys,  get real. I
> wouldn't expect any company to do that - upgrade the  firmware for free?
> Sure. But not the sensor.
> Face it -  what they give you is what you get. And what they're going to
> give you  is going to be VERY pricey and far from ideal. It may be 'good
> enough'  for what you want to do, and the price may not deter you. So buy
> it  and use it in good health. But don't expect anything at a give-away
>  price; don't expect any real innovation; and don't expect a camera  that
> is up to the top digital standards at the time of release.  ;-)
> B. D.
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> Bob,
> This sounds like a reasonable  if somewhat complicated approach, but it's
> not a bad idea if Leica  want to stem the tide of defection. But who
> knows? It may already be  too late, as B.D. has recently suggested...
>  Len


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