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Subject: [Leica] another panorama from horizontal frames
From: s.jessurun95 at (animal)
Date: Fri Jul 9 06:07:31 2004
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Jim Nichols
The approach to the task looks great on the left side.  The sky overlaps
can be blended with PhotoShop.  What caused the departure from the
perpendicular on the right side?

 Just out of personal curiosity, does this series  of photos have to be
> taken  at high noon in order to get uniform lighting in all directions?
> Jim Nichols
Well it was 1930 lt .The sun does not climb very high here so there would be
only uniform lighting in overcast conditions.
The idea is to make the picture when there is a dramatic sky like towering
cumulus or even cumulo nimbus.We need to be carefull with lightning
On these tries we did use a 25 red filter to darken the sky somewhat.
The odd shape was just to see what things look like if you rotate the frames
in photomerge to keep horizontal lines straight somewhat.
As Don Dory pointed out we will have to give the mapping more thought if we
stay with these cameras.There are panorama cameras for rent here so those
would probably be a better choice.We,ll have to try and see what gives the
most detail eventually.
Thanks for looking
simon jessurun

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