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Subject: [Leica] Re: Cibachromes with your Epson inkjet printer.
From: mark at (Mark Rabiner)
Date: Wed Jul 7 21:31:51 2004

On 7/7/04 5:24 PM, "Jim McIntyre" <> typed:

> Mark,
> What are the results like for straight B&W prints?
> jm

I've made lots of C prints with black and white negs before and certainly
plenty of mono or duotone inkjets. If this turns out to be a viable inkjet
process which I think it will I'm sure mono or duotone printing will be a
big part of it. Maybe they'll even come out with a Quadtone version of it
I'm sure they well. You gotta figure stuff like this is going to happen. I
think it will look great. Never made a Cibachrome from a Scalia slide I
don?t think those two brand names overlapped, not the point It's called
Ilfochrome now and it is possible to make black and white slides through
reversal kits if they still make them or mix up your own.
To me Ciba meant not only the amazing super gloss "paper" if it was paper
and I don?t think it was. But the jacked up reds. Great for a shot in which
a jacked up red is what its all about. A red rose in the middle of a garbage
dump. That kind of thing. I do plenty of that stuff you bet! ;)
Not so great for a otherwise pretty teenager with a slight zit on their
forehead. On the Ciba it become a pulsating volcano of a zit. A third eye
off center but staring at you just the same.
There were other color papers in other direct positive archival processes
which really came close to the Ciba gloss and preported? to have the
archival properties as well or make that present tense. And with that
metallic stuff going on between the apparent layers of color as well. This
is what I got used to when my color rental lab changed from Ilfo Ciba chrome
to an Agfa process I think. With Fuji paper!!!

I recall reading  a few weeks ago about an inkjet paper with some metallic
effect which needs to be seen to be believed. I never saw it but I'm willing
to extend half a benefit of the doubt.

Mark Rabiner
Portland Oregon

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