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Subject: [Leica] "focus then reframe" (aka fungus in camera)
From: tedgrant at (Ted Grant)
Date: Wed Jul 7 17:02:32 2004
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Richard F. Man said:
Subject: Re: [Leica] "focus then reframe" (aka fungus in camera)

> I know Ted frowns on such things, but for us gearheads and mortals, can
>you please go ahead and post the data on the list? I'm sure other
>gearheads would appreciate.
> Having said that, I think I will take Ted's advice and just focus and
> shoot, and (pray) that it is in focus :-)<<<<

Richard, thank you. ;-)

I read the focusing formula and I figured by the time I read that and then
tried to figure out exactly what it says and is supposed to do with near
every frame I'd still be shooting my first roll of film from 55 years ago.

Jeeeeeeeeeeeesh why is it an old fart like me who's shot thousands upon
thousands of frames and never encountered this focus thing, never knew about
it and never had it happen that I'm aware of.

Absolutely wild stuff gang, man it's hard enough just getting the damn shot
without having some other thing to clutter one's mind on how to take sharp
pictures. :-)  Just line-up the two images and hit the button! Well OK
squeeze gently on the shutter release. ;-)

I suppose I've been one extremely lucky SOB all these years and never knew
anything about this messin' with the focus tab or whatever. But I seem to
re-cal a hell of a lot of my frames were Leica sharp all the time even in
available darkness. :-)

Oh well one more techie thing to confuse my failing mind. :-)


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