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Subject: [Leica] RE: E6 slidefilm processed in C41! Arghhh!
From: lowiemanuel at (Emanuel Lowi)
Date: Mon Jul 5 16:29:50 2004

Stan Yoder wrote:
> Having returned from a trip to Ireland and Scotland,
> I submitted six rolls of Provia 100F (exposed 
> by an M2 and a IIIF, to keep on-topic) to the caring
> hands of our supermarket chain, each envelope 
> clearly marked "E6 slidefilm." The processor was
> Fuji in Mansfield, OH. Five came back OK, but the 
> sixth? Well......they missed my notation and it went
> through C41. Has that ever happened to any of you?
> Intelesting results, for sure: negative
> transparencies, looking pretty much like color negs
> but 
> without the orange mask. I scanned a few into
> Photoshop, inverted and jinkied the color, primarily
> reducing yellow and green. Prints are passable -
> good enough for the wife's print album of the trip.

Welcome to the wild and wacky world of

That you are able to salvage passable prints for your
wife's album says a great deal about your Photoshop

My experience has been much worse. A local pro lab a
few years ago did the same with 6 rolls of utterly
irreplaceable film shot by me on assignment overseas.
The intake clerk labelled the job with the wrong
sticker and into the C41 soup in went, in spite of the
fact that I had never made such a bizarre request

There were plenty of images with strange colouration
and extremely high contrast  -- perfectly suitable for
some kind of post-post-modern fashion advertising
hallucination, but certainly no good for the kind of 
documentary work I do.

If the photos were important to you, I'd say you are
owed a great deal more than a free roll of film and an

Emanuel Lowi

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