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Subject: [Leica] studio ponderings
From: reid at (Brian Reid)
Date: Mon Jun 21 20:19:29 2004
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Lea, please fix  your address book to remove the old name 
(leica-users@mejac) and substitute the new name (

About a month ago I set up my portrait studio in some warehouse space in an 
industrial city 7 miles north of my home. I've been using it for the last 
month. Here's what I've learned:

* Height is very important. This room has a 30-foot ceiling, and it's the 
best lighting I've ever achieved. I can put a hair light in a snoot 12 feet 
in the air, and the lights don't bounce off a low ceiling.

* I have East windows. The studio is usable in the afternoon, but not the 
A perfect studio for me would have electric blackout curtains on the 
windows, so that I could let in natural light when I wanted it and keep 
light out when I wanted it.

* This building has a concrete floor. I love it. The hard floors are very 
good for my backdrops. Don't use carpet. I damp-mop the concrete every 
morning. Wood would be perfect. Concrete is better than carpet, from my 

* Storage space is critical. I now have three cabinets (one office-supplies 
cabinet and two with drawers) to hold all of the stuff I need nearby.

* You need to have a computer in your studio. This is 2004. Make room for it.

So: I'd recommend 20 x 16 x 12 feet, or at least 12 over the half of it that 
your subjects will be sitting in. I cannot say enough good things about high 
ceilings in a studio.

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