Archived posting to the Leica Users Group, 2004/06/18

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Subject: [Leica] Re: An R series question
From: telyt at (Douglas Herr)
Date: Fri Jun 18 15:08:33 2004

Emanuel Lowi <> wrote:

> A couple of years ago, when shopping for a new SLR, I
> tried a variety of brands, all with fast 180-200mm
> lenses affixed. On handling and ease of focus, the
> Leica R8 with motor and 180/2 were by far the best.
> I have a hard time imaging that big 180
> balanced on a motorless SL or SL-2. 
> Please correct me if I'm wrong on that, Doug. 

I have no personal experience with this combination but what you say makes a 
lot of sense.  The SL's viewfinder and indestructability are legendary but 
as a total package the R8 or R9 with motor probably would balance better 
with the 180 f/2 than an unmotorized SL or SL2.

Doug Herr
Birdman of Sacramento