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Subject: [Leica] Remembering the Reagan years
From: leicachris at (Christopher Williams)
Date: Thu Jun 10 06:16:20 2004
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One thing I remember about Reagan the most. He spent more of our money than
ever on stupid ass nuclear weapons to show off to the Soviets. Then the
Soviets would show off their nuke's. Then Reagan would show more, over and
over again! Where did this lame ass game get us? Nowhere.

Now into the new century, we learn that the CIA knew that the former USSR
was as broke as hell during the "Cold War" and could barely get nuclear subs
out of their harbours. But yet we had to keep on building millions of tons
of radioactive waste for all us younger generations to bath in.

Great game to play for so-called "civilized nations".


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From: "Jim Hemenway"
Subject: Re: [Leica] Remembering the Reagan years

> Under Reagan:
> Double digit inflation in the 80s,
> 3 trillion dollar deficit,
> Iran-Contra conspiracy... Poindexter and Liddy.
> Not too mention his abysmal treatment of students in the 60s...
> helicopters dropping enough CS gas to make everyone projectile vomit.

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